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As a small team of two people, we face resource constraints and aim to automate the process of adding new games. The most efficient approach is to parse data from game providers' websites.

How can you assist us?

To support us, please provide an endpoint with your games listed in a suitable format, such as .json or .xml based on your preference. A great example is Wazdan, as they have made their games list easily accessible. It's a straightforward process—just visit their main page, inspect it, and locate the first link in the Preview section of the Fetch/XHR tab labeled gamesapi.

Games List Api 1

What information do we require?

Contact information

If you wish to list your games on our site, please feel free to contact us. Although we have our own to-do list, those who reach out to us will be given priority and placed on our TOP PRIORITY LIST.

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